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One of the key predictors of new business success is in a business’s ability to set itself apart from its competitors. Even though this should seem like common sense, one of the biggest reasons that businesses do not succeed is their inability to distinguish themselves from the pack. In the world of online marketing one of the most efficient and affordable ways to do this is through wire news services.

According to recent studies, new media sources will view the typical news release around 70 times each week. For this reason, journalists will normally choose the largest web news services available to distribute their national and global press releases. For instance, Google and Yahoo are the preferred media outlets for about 64 percent of journalists. In order for PR news to be effective, it must be timely, relevant, and titled with a headline the average web user will find compelling.

Since Ivy Lee created the first press release in 1906, PR news has been mainly a journalistic vehicle. However, businesses have discovered ways to promote their brands via wire news services. By releasing information about their businesses via press release distribution services, businesses can gain public exposure, set themselves apart from their competitors, and earn the trust of prospective patrons.

Another way that businesses can utilize wire news services is by embedding links within the text of each release, which can be used to lead customers directly to the business’s website. Unlike other types of online marketing content, it is absolutely vital that the content of press releases be related to current events. This will ensure that the content will remain fresh and something that web users will want to read.

There are countless tools available to help businesses to increase their web visibility and expand their customer bases. Of all of those tools and services, wire news services just might be one of the fastest, and most efficient, ways for businesses to promote their products and brands to the largest audiences possible.

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