Grow Your Business via News Distribution Services

One of the key predictors of new business success is in a business’s ability to set itself apart from its competitors. Even though this should seem like common sense, one of the biggest reasons that businesses do not succeed is their inability to distinguish themselves from the pack. In the world of online marketing one [...]

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We Sit Down for an Interview with James Connor, Owner of My Broken Phone

As James Connor discussed his business with us, we learned about his motivations for starting his own company, his vast experience in the cell phone business and how he has never felt the urge to give up, despite the difficulties that have come up along the way. Let’s start from the beginning. What made you [...]

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We Sit Down for an Interview with David Burns, President of Ray Sands Glass

During our most recent interview with Ray Sands Glass President David Burns, we learned a bit about a passion that drove him to where he is today, as well as what he has to say to those who have the desire to open their own business. How was it that you ended up finding your [...]

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An Interview with Kerri Spayd, Owner of All Area Appliance Repair

During our interview with All Area Appliance Repair owner Kerri Spayd explained why running a small business has been beneficial for her family in more ways than one. Can you tell us why you and your husband decided to start your own appliance repair company? Kerry Spayd: We started the business so I could work [...]

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