RHSA Canada Launches New, Updated Website

Health benefits for small business

Toronto, Canada – October 20, 2013 – RHSA Canada, a company working with small business owners to provide access to government approved tax relief that ultimately reduces healthcare costs through Health Spending Accounts, launched it’s newly updated site on October 15.

The site has a brand new format, intended to better answer the two main questions of most customers: “How can I keep premium costs from escalating to double-digit annual renewal rates?” and “How can I provide better benefits for my employees at a reasonable cost?” The website provides answers to those essential questions, as well as many others, and provides several white papers for interested users.

RHSA seeks to maximize tax-free benefits, passing on savings from integration with other plans and providing more efficient administration and is widely chosen by entrepreneurs, consultants, and other small businesses. It is the cornerstone of the full benefit offering called the Canadian Employee Health Benefits Plan (CEHBP) which provides health benefits and insured benefits like life insurance, disability, and dependent life. RHSA’s new website combines the tax efficiency of RHSA with a link to www.CEHBP.com, the value option for small businesses seeking to replace the expense of traditional insured benefit plans.

Dr. David Imrie, the company’s President and CEO, explained, “CEHBP combines the tax savings and efficiency of RHSA, a tax-free health spending account, with the core health plan which includes employee assistance and health and wellness programs as well as combined with group insurance benefits such as life insurance, disability insurance and others.”

RHSA Canada’s new site is expected to provide better resources for customers and potential customers because it provides clear information about major factors for those choosing group benefit programs and has been directly formatted to make that information easily accessible.

To learn more about RHSA Canada and the provision of tax-free benefits for small business employees, visit the newly updated site at www.myRHSA.com, or call (416)540-7970.

Dr. David Imrie



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